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Silicone Lubricant Uber

Silicone Lubricant Uber

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High End Ingredients

As an organic bitch from Boulder, CO – I love things that have a small amount of ingredients, and you’d better believe that anything I put on my highly prized vagina has to be trust worthy. Fortunately, Uberlube is! The company only makes this one product, which allows them to devote all their time and energy to making it the best it can be – which my vagina certainly appreciates.

There are only four ingredients in uberlube – all of them are body-safe silicone. Unlike water-based lubricants, it has no harmful preservatives, irritants, or petrochemicals (like parabens and glycerine). It’s also incredibly silky smooth, not sticky, tasteless, odorless, and VERY long-lasting. It doesn’t leave any residue, but be careful not to use silicone lube with silicone toys, as it could degrade the material. You also may want to lay down a towel, because silicone lubes tend to leave stains on sheets and clothing (like your favorite lacy panties).

Even so, many people prefer silicone lube, especially for anal sex, because it is so natural-feeling, long-lasting, and body-safe.

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