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13 Feb '18

"Nipple Clamp Me"│Bondage & Fetish Blog

"Nipple Clamp Me “│  Like having your nipples touched, bitten or clamped? Most people are thinking yup, yup, and hmmmm… Well I say why not? Try it once and see if its for you. Some consider nipple clamping a form of control, but why can’t it be about simple pleasure; I like it and end of story. It’s good to get the psychological take of things but why can’t we just be simple beings. Why does everything have to have a diagnosis? Diagnosis (Dx): I like to fu*kitis . After you find your diagnosis, look into the wide variety of nipple clamps available such as a Tweezer clamp, clover clamp or clothes pin style clamp according to wikipedia. Which clamp is for you? What are your thoughts?. I'm no expert just a gal that's interested in other's way of thinking... This blog is for fun and is in no way meant to give expert opinion (In my opinion, sometimes every individual is an expert with out a fancy title, especially with regards to sex)

Next Chat...Clitoral toys ... can't wait!